Top Tips for Growing Your Sunflowers!

29 April 2014 by CSG

With spring now upon us, we thought you may appreciate some top tips on how to best plant your sunflower seeds to ensure they grow to their maximum potential!

1) Timing is everything
Sunflowers grow best in late spring/early summer, so it is recommended that you plant your seeds in late-April/May for the best results.

Sunflower (blog)

2) Choose the right location
Make sure the soil is not waterlogged & that it is receiving full sun for 6-8 hours a day. Also, it is a good idea to shelter them from strong winds, so try to plant them alongside a fence or your house.

3) Spread seeds evenly & carefully
Plant the seeds no more than 1 inch deep & 4-6 inches apart.

4) Care for your sunflowers
Water the plants deeply but infrequently – this will encourage deep rooting, giving you strong healthy sunflowers.