Titanic achievement for waste firm

04 June 2021 by CSG

National waste management specialist CSG has marked World Environment Day by assessing its own operational impact on landfill reduction – and the results are simply Titanic!

Antony Gerken, CSG permitting and compliance manager, said: “During 2020, some 402,000 tonnes of waste were either recovered by us, or sent to one of our trusted partner facilities for treatment to enable further recovery.

“That ‘s approximately eight times the weight of the Titanic!

“Despite the pandemic, our domestic and industrial waste collection and processing services continued as normal, and 87 per cent of all waste received into our treatment and transfer facilities was recovered.

“Of the other 13 per cent, approximately half was sent to other treatment sites to enable every possible last scrap of useful material to be recovered, leaving just a small amount left to go to incineration or landfill.

“Diverting waste from landfill, recovering and recycling as much as possible from the waste streams we handle is at the core of our business, so we are proud to have delivered such ‘Titanic’ results over the past year.”