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Commercial & industrial sewage collections

We offer an expert septic tank, cesspit and treatment plant emptying service to businesses nationwide. Companies across the country trust us to keep their sewage systems in perfect working order. If your business relies on a septic tank, cesspit or treatment plant rather than mains drainage, you’ll know that it needs to be emptied regularly to keep it working properly.

The frequency with which you’ll need to empty your sewage system depends on the size and type of your tank and the number visitors and employees you tend to have at your site. British Water recommend that commercial sewage systems are emptied at least quarterly, but you may find that more regular collections are required. Many of our customers are situated in rural or remote areas of the country and include hotels, pubs, caravan parks, holiday homes and leisure centres.

Sewage treatment plant cleaning and


We also service and maintain sewage treatment plants, which are commonly viewed as the environmentally preferred off-mains drainage solution. Like a septic tank or cesspit, your sewage treatment plant needs regular attention. A build-up of sludge can occur over time, which should be cleaned every six to twelve months to maintain effective performance. As your sewage treatment plant contains mechanical and electronic components, it will also require regular maintenance.

Why CSG?

  • We operate a large fleet of tankers, with a range of different tank sizes; this means we can efficiently and safely access your property, even if it’s in the most distant or rural location.
  • Our experienced and friendly drivers take pride in completing the job safely and without disruption to your business premises.
  • Once we’ve emptied your sewage system, we transport the effluent safely to a licenced treatment facility; our team of sewage experts are always working on ethical and innovative sewage treatment solutions which keep the environment in mind.

Want to know more about our sewage collection and disposal?