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Collection and treatment of oil and water mixtures

Oil and water mixtures are a very common waste stream, caused when wastewater has become contaminated with oil. These mixtures can also contain other contaminants such as sewage. All waste oils such as fuel oil, diesel, biodiesel, or lubricating oils, etc are legally classified as a hazardous waste, under absolute hazardous entries in the List of wastes. The only two exceptions to this rule are edible oil and in certain circumstances some biodiesel. Waste oil and water mixtures on your site need to be transported away safely and legally to an authorised hazardous waste facility to recover the oil.

By operating the UK’s largest fleet of specialist waste management vehicles, it is easy for us to collect oil and water mixtures from your site, whether it’s contained within drums, IBCs or in bulk liquid form. Our drivers are trained extensively to remove and transport your waste safely.

Oil and water treatment and recovery centres

Though we can treat and recover most waste streams, oil and water has over the years helped to form the core of our business. This is why we operate a network of treatment and recovery centres, conveniently located nationwide. Based from these facilities, our highly trained operatives have a wealth of waste treatment knowledge and expertise. All oil recovered from the treatment process is recycled wherever possible, the waste water is also treated to allow it to be discharged to sewer under consent, making the entire process environmentally beneficial.

Our facilities can process the following:

  • Sludges, silts and sediments from gullies, interceptors, catchment pits, bund walls, soakaways or drains
  • Landfill leachates, chalk waters, starchy solutions and petrol/storage tank liquids
  • Diesel and kerosene in neat or contaminated mixtures and oily water mixtures
  • Sewage and oil combinations
  • Paint from spray wash extraction booths and water based paint solutions
  • Oil filters and cartridges
  • Oily absorbent pads, booms, rags and wipes
  • Carbon granules often used for filtration
  • Waste muds/soils from drilling boreholes
  • Machine cutting oils and suds oils

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