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Clinical waste removal and disposal

Waste produced by healthcare facilities, (or related amenities such as laboratories, blood banks, dental practices, pharmacies, tattooist, and beauty, health, and wellbeing clinics), is often classified as clinical and pharmaceutical waste. The waste produced at these facilities may have been exposed to infections or may itself be hazardous and safe waste disposal routes are essential to protect people and the environment.

CSG offers safe, responsible, and compliant clinical and pharmaceutical waste solutions across the UK. We continuously work on improving our waste management methods by collaborating with local and national organisations across Europe.

Do you have clinical or pharmaceutical waste which is not provided in the list of examples? CSG can offer bespoke waste solution to you and your organisation, give our sales executives a call today to discuss your options

Treatment and disposal of clinical and pharmaceutical waste

Our drivers are continuously being trained on how to collect and transport hazardous waste safely, this includes the handling of clinical and pharmaceutical waste. Additionally, CSG operates a team of mobile ADR chemists who specialise in sorting, packaging, and collecting laboratory waste. Healthcare waste is sent for recovery in waste to energy facilities.

Any clinical or pharmaceutical waste you wish to dispose of will need to be received in hard walled yellow bins or will need to be suitable for repacking into these bins.

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Examples of pharmaceutical and clinical waste we can collect for you:

  • Waste contaminated with bodily fluids like blood, cultures, and stock of infectious agents from laboratories, or waste which has been in contact with patients with infections.
  • Chemical waste like solvents, reagents, sterilizers, heavy metals (i.e. broken mercury thermometers) and batteries.
  • Syringes, needles, scalpels, blades or other sharp items.
  • Old, unused, or expired medicines, vaccines and drugs.
  • Cytotoxic waste often used in cancer treatments.
  • General waste which might not cause any specific biological, chemical, radioactive or physical hazard, but have been in a healthcare facility such as PPE, wipes, gloves and masks.
  • Dental waste, such as amalgam waste.
  • Flammable waste, hand gels, wipes and antibacterial spray
  • Non-hazardous medicines

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