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Industrial cleaning services

Industrial cleaning operations form a core part of our services, whether we’re deploying teams of confined space operatives to clean a storage tank or using specialist technology to remove sludge from a settlement lagoon. We are able to offer our services and carry out operations across the UK and internationally.

We combine the experience of our team of consultants and operatives with innovative sludge removal and high-pressure jetting technology to provide a full range of services. Our industrial cleaning teams are all trained and qualified to operate in hazardous locations, such as confined spaces, to give you the peace of mind that when we carry out industrial cleaning for your organisation, it is carried out compliantly and with health and safety as our top priority.

Once a cleaning operation is complete, we can utilise our fleet of waste management vehicles to remove any waste liquids or sludge generated by the cleaning process. This waste can then be treated or disposed of at one of our licensed treatment facilities.

Why CSG?

  • Most members of our industrial cleaning team have over 20 years of industry experience
  • Our consultants are highly experienced, and will work with you to find solutions for most industrial cleaning problems
  • Much of the industrial cleaning equipment we use such as hydrodozers and our sludge profiling system is designed and built in-house by our specialist engineers

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