It’s a Family Affair

18 July 2016 by CSG

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CSG Lanstar is part of a long-established independent family-owned waste
management company – but there’s another family playing a big part in the
organisation’s operations.

Among the staff working at Lanstar’s Liverpool Road headquarters are three
members from one local family – Howard Lawson, his son Dave and daughter
Debra – who all perform key roles at the site.

Father Howard, aged 64, and born and bred in Cadishead, works as a chemical
plant operator and has been with Lanstar for 18 years. His job is to treat and
recycle liquid wastes.

“I had a number of friends who worked as plant operators on the site, and my
daughter was working in the lab there, so when I decided on a career change
in 1998 I joined the company for a three months trial. I’m still here 18 years later!
“Like most people, I have concerns about the environment and working at
Lanstar gives me an opportunity to help in a small way.

“It’s challenging and interesting work and the company has a flexible hours
scheme which means I can help look after my grandchildren!”

Forty-year-old David, plant manager at the site and a Cadishead resident, has
been with Lanstar for the past six years and has the vital role of overseeing the
running of all plant on the site so that waste is processed safely and efficiently
to the company’s high standards.

“I enjoy my work at Lanstar. Each day has new challenges to overcome and
I find the correct processing of waste, which benefits the impact on our environment, is very rewarding.

“My dad recommended me to work in the industry. I’ve worked alongside him
for six years and he has passed all his knowledge on to me. With staff training,
this has helped me to progress successfully within Lanstar.”

Dave’s younger sister Debra, aged 38 and now Debra Macdonald, works as a
reception chemist at the site’s laboratory which means she is responsible for
sampling and analysing all the incoming and outgoing bulk waste streams
handled there. She’s only been with Lanstar for six months, but it’s her second term with the company having previously worked at the site from 1994 to 2001.

“The lab is a busy environment where samples from a wide range of industrial
processes are analysed which keeps the job interesting and varied,” says Debra.
“The environment and its conservation is an important issue and industry is
constantly having to look at new ways to reduce and recycle waste to minimise
pollution and environmental impact. Working in the waste industry at Lanstar
gives me real job satisfaction because I know the work I do is contributing positively
to sustainable and ethical waste management.”