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CPC, chemical storage and chemical spill training

We offer a range of training courses aimed at companies and individuals working inside or outside of the waste management industry.

Driver CPC Training

Approved Centre Number: AC00816

By drivers, for drivers

As a legal requirement by the DSA, all HGV drivers are required to complete 35 hours of periodic CPC training every five years.

We can now offer all HGV drivers specialist CPC training to help get their professional qualifications underway.

Through completing your CPC training with CSG, you are guaranteed:

  • Trainers who can draw on years of professional HGV experience.
  • Training conducted by passionate, qualified CSG employees who regularly operate our modern fleet.
  • Courses are available at multiple CSG locations – in addition to the option of onsite training at your own premises.
  • Flexible training hours & dates including Saturdays; limiting the impact on your business’ operational activities.
  • All administration is taken care of; from registration to uploading of training hours.
  • Discounts given for bulk bookings.

The training course encompasses the following modules:

Module 1: Application of Regulations
Module 2: Defensive and Fuel Efficient Driving
Module 3: Customer Care
Module 4: Health & Nutrition
Module 5: Legal Obligations

Each 7 hour course starts from just £75 + VAT per delegate, contact us on 0800 011 6600 or email to book your slot today.

Chemical Specialist Training

A bespoke training experience designed to teach participants how to safely handle, manage and store hazardous chemicals, as well as outline the potential risks associated with specific tasks.

This intensive ½ day course includes:

Course Objective

  • To provide detailed information on the legislation relevant to the storage and use of hazardous materials and hazardous waste.
  • To provide guidance on storage to the standards required by the enforcing authorities.
  • An overview of section 34 of the EPA including record keeping and selection of suitable waste contractors.

Course Content

Classroom based focused learning:

  • Relevant H&S legislation – HASAWA, COSHH, MHSWR, DSEAR, COMAH, CLP.
  • What to expect during a HSE inspection (limited quantities, segregation, RAs).
  • Relevant Environmental legislation – EPA, HW Regs, Waste (E&W) Regs (waste hierarchy).
  • What to expect during an EA inspection (containment, state of packaging, waste inventory, consignment note records, duty of care paper chase).
  • Storage of materials; i.e. Suitability of receptacles and packaging, Storage cabinets, Ventilation, Bunding, Segregation of incompatible materials, Application to waste and the duty to keep waste and non-waste items separate.
  • Recording of information; i.e. Keeping records of waste on site, Controlling access to storage areas, Selecting a suitable contractor, Waste classification process and the Consignment note system.

Our courses can accommodate up to 10 people per ½ day session.

To request a quote and book a training session contact us on 0800 048 0622 or email to book your slot today.

Chemical Spills Training

A bespoke training experience designed to teach participants the safe and effective use of spill control resources, as well as the potential risks associated with liquid spills.

This intensive, one-day course includes both classroom based activities, as well as practical experience of cleaning up spills. All absorbents and training PPE are provided on the day and the course is designed to be customised to suit the individual requirements of your site.

Each course can accommodate up to 10 participants and takes approximately three hours to complete. At the end of the course, all participants will be confident in dealing with and containing a spill, as well as how to prevent them happening in the first place.

We are a member of the UK Spill Association and has been fully accredited by the UKSpill Contractors Accreditation Scheme to the standards supported by the Environment Agency.

Course Objective

  • To provide the skills and confidence to implement on-site spill containment procedures.
  • To demonstrate the deployment of spill containment devices, techniques, materials and processes.
  • To demonstrate safe operation of working processes and procedures.

Course Content

Classroom based learning objectives:

  • Understanding of the environmental responsibility of your business.
  • An awareness of the potential risks associated with liquid spills.
  • The knowledge and skills needed to safely manage spills on site.
  • Reporting procedures if spills contaminate surface water, ground water or land.

Practical activities:

  • Training in the safe and effective use of spill control resources and personal protective equipment.
  • Site specific spill risk assessment.
  • View site with the object of identifying spill risks.
  • Look at any spill equipment available.

For further information or to book a bespoke spills training session, please contact us on 0800 980 3815 or at