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Silt and sludge removal

Silts and sludges are waste streams that are defined to have a high solid content, which if left over time can cause blockages in drainage systems and storage tanks. Silt and sludge removal can prevent damage to your equipment and maintain the efficiency of any processes. 

Our large fleet of specialist waste management vehicles and are equipped with barrel capacities that can cope with varying volumes of sludge and silt waste. We are fully accredited by British Water and our operatives and engineers are UKPIA accredited, giving you peace of mind that any work we carry out is fully compliant, and with health and safety as a top priority.

Sludge removal technology

We utilise specialist sludge removal technology and by selecting the right equipment for the job, we can find solutions to common issues such as difficult access and limited space on site. We can deploy dewatering centrifuge technology or geo-bags to treat the water and separate the sludge. We have also developed our own innovative solutions, such as specialist sonar technology, to accurately survey tanks and lagoons in order to locate banks of sludge that have grown and become problematic. We can then utilise our amphibious ‘dredgers’ to agitate these large banks of sludge in order to aid the removal process.

Sludge and silt wastes are often created as a result of the following processes:

  • Paint manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing / processing
  • Oil storage / processing
  • Sewage treatment
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Food processing / preparation
  • Water treatment

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