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Septic tank, pump station and sewage treatment plant maintenance and servicing

CSG are your off-mains waste specialist. We carry out routine maintenance and servicing, emergency callouts and repairs of sewage treatment plants and pump stations for households in your area.

Why CSG?

  • We fix broken parts of your sewage systems on the day. Our vans have an extensive set of parts from the most common types of plants and aim to repair in one visit.
  • CSG is here for you 24/7 365 days a year with our emergency cover scheme!
  • Dedicated and skilled British Water Accredited service engineers.
  • Digital paperwork is available online immediately after visit.
  • Cost effective solution by minimising risk for emergency callout and breakdown of sewage treatment system in the future.

Complete coverage of all sewage system maintenance & repair

  • Preventative maintenance of electrical and mechanical parts
  • Emergency repairs
  • Annual or six-monthly service plans
  • Conversion of older sewage systems to modern standards
  • Friendly, local and experienced engineers accredited by British Water
  • Installations of new sewage systems and pump stations

Environment Agency recommendations

The Environment Agency (EA) recommends that homeowners with a sewage treatment plant, pump station or septic tank arrange regular maintenance and servicing visits. This will ensure that your tank is working properly and that you comply with environmental legislation.

EA perform random discharge testing and might visit your home. If you fail the tests, the first thing they will ask if you have had your sewage system serviced.

With routine maintenance and servicing of your sewage system you minimise the risk of your system failing the Environment Agency’s test.

How often does my system need servicing and maintenance?

Maintenance and service frequency depend on varying factors like size, design, and age. Some will need maintenance and servicing. annually, while others might need it more frequently than that.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see how often your systems needs maintenance and servicing.

If you are unsure of the make or model, our team are happy to advice and schedule a regular maintenance and servicing visits for you.

Maintenance and servicing visits are different from emptying and removal of tank effluent.

Signs that something is going wrong with your system:

  • An offensive odour. There should be an earthy smell when the system is working well.
  • If you lift the lid you can hear unusual 'clunky' noises from your system or you cannot hear it at all.
  • You can hear an alarm, see a flashing beacon or the control panel show an error code (for example F1, F2 etc.)
  • Your tank fills up faster than usual.
  • Damp soggy patches within your garden that were not there before.

Need a service or repair?