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Manned entry tank and confined space cleaning

We specialise in cleaning and maintaining tanks nationwide that contain anything from sewage waste to hazardous fuels and chemicals.

Our experienced tank cleaning specialists are highly trained, and have the confined space entry qualifications required to work in these high-risk environments. We fully equip our team with all the necessary tools, PPE/RPE, gas monitoring and emergency rescue equipment. They are always equipped with gas monitoring equipment, resuscitation and other safety equipment and full risk assessments and method statements are carried out before any work begins. We can provide entry permits and certification of gas-free and clean tanks where applicable.

Our team will clean the sludge from the base and walls and then they’ll jet the surfaces at high pressure for a deep clean. Most members of our tank cleaning team have over 20 years industry experience and can therefore ensure all work is carried out safely and to the highest industry standard, quickly and efficiently without disruption to your business. Waste from the cleaning process is stored on a tanker, removed from the premises and treated or disposed of at a licensed facility.

No man entry tank cleaning technology

We also develop innovative tank cleaning and sludge removal equipment, used when manned access isn’t safe or practical. Trained specialists operate our pumps and hydrodozers, which can remove sludge deposits contained within storage tanks safely and efficiently.

Some examples of our equipment include:

  • Sonar sludge profiling system
  • Dewatering centrifuges
  • Manned or remotely operated hydrodozers
  • Hydraulically driven sludge pumps
  • Nozzle systems for ‘no man entry’ tank cleaning
  • Sludge treatment systems (2 or 3 phase centrifuge separation)
  • Mobile steam generating boilers
  • Heat exchangers

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