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Settlement pond and lagoon clearances

The use of a settlement pond is common-practice to clarify surface or waste water in many industries. Due to the nature of the process, the lagoon becomes full of sediment to the extent that there is insufficient volume to clarify the water.  As a result the quality of the discharging water suffers. Carrying out pond and lagoon clearances will remedy this.

Our skilled and experienced operatives regularly carry out pond and lagoon clearances in a variety of settings. By using a range of technology, we treat the sludge / water mixture from the pond or lagoon on site, removing the sludge and allowing the water to run back into the pond. Afterward, the sludge can be removed from site and safely disposed of. If a reedbed is present, then periodic reed-cutting may also be required. Our process is safe and environmentally beneficial; a full method statement is produced before any work begins.

Sludge removal technology

Our operatives utilise specialist sludge removal technology and by selecting the right equipment for the job we can find solutions to common issues such as difficult access and limited space on site. We can deploy dewatering centrifuge technology or geo-bags to treat the water and separate the sludge. We have also developed our own innovative solutions, such as specialist sonar technology, to accurately survey tanks and lagoons in order to locate banks of sludge that have grown and become problematic. We can then utilise our amphibious ‘dredgers’ to agitate these large banks of sludge in order to aid the sludge removal process.



Some examples of our equipment include:

  • Dewatering Centrifuges
  • Geo-bags
  • Manned or Remotely Operated Hydrodozers
  • Hydraulically Driven Sludge Pumps
  • Sludge Treatment Systems (2 or 3 Phase Centrifuge Separation)
  • Sonar Sludge Profiling System

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