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Sewage system installation services

Whether something has gone wrong with your sewage system or it’s simply due for an upgrade, you can rely on us to find and implement a solution. Our dedicated, professional and experienced team can attend assess your system, identify the root cause of the problem and provide a cost-effective solution. This may be as simple as a new drainage field for your septic tank or the installation of a new sewage treatment plant with a discharge to a high-level soakaway or water course.

The works will then be carried out and supervised by our own highly experienced and qualified engineers. We strive to provide all our customers with a first-class service providing a cost-effective solution delivered in a timely manner. All of our installation works are carried out with due care and diligence towards the environment, along with the health and safety of our clients, employees and the general public.

Drainage system and interceptor installations

Our engineers are also able to install drainage systems, including fuel and oil interceptors and grease traps. Once we’ve installed your new drainage system, we will be able to fully support you with its ongoing emptying and maintenance. All equipment supplied and installed by us is manufactured by market leading brands. We are able to provide impartial and expert advice, supplying all tank types and associated drainage. We are happy to pass the manufacturer’s warranty directly to our customers and all of our work is guaranteed for a period of 3 years from installation.



We are able to supply and install market leading products for the following drainage requirements:

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Septic tanks
  • Soakaways & drainage fields
  • Pump stations
  • Petrol interceptors
  • Solid stormwater interceptors

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