Sewage Collection: Our Numbers and Figures

04 November 2021 by CSG

csg worker sewage collection

When founded by Edgar ‘Bunny’ Hart in 1934, the company’s core business was sewage collection. Over the last 80 years, CSG has perfected that art and now provide our industry-renowned sewage collection services to over 30,000 domestic households throughout the UK.

Whilst today, CSG has introduced new and innovative ways to provide solutions for more complex waste streams, the sewage collection service continues to be a central focus – and it’s growing.

Sewage Collection: What Do the Figures Say?

CSG has 11 sewage facilities nationwide, but how much sewage do we actually collect from our esteemed customers?

Figures from 2020 show that we made around 60,000 sewage clearances, collecting over 96million gallons of sewage – which is about the same volume as 145 Olympic swimming pools!

How is the Sewage Waste Utilised?

All sewage waste we collect is disposed of in a licensed facility. Our own treatment plants separate and process the waste, then the treated water is returned to the drainage network, with the remaining processed solids used as fertiliser.

In 2020 alone, over 11 million gallons of sewage waste that we collected was recycled back into agriculture!

A Breakdown of the Stats

Our south-east depot in Aylesford recorded the highest number of sewage clearances in 2021, contributing to over 7,500 clearances and more than 17million gallons of sewage this year so far!

The busiest month was July, where we collected over 8.5 million gallons of sewage.

What’s Next for CSG’s Sewage Collection Service?

At CSG, we are dedicated to building a sustainable business that is committed to providing a high-level of service to our customers, whilst striving to ensure our service is as environmentally friendly as possible.

As a pledge to this mission, our plan for the future of CSG involves the building of more sewage treatment plants. As previously stated, using these sewage treatment plants following sewage collection generates both treated water and solids that are recyclable. Building more treatment plants allows us to ensure more sewage waste is treated and processed in the most environmentally beneficial way.

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