CSG’s Unique Treatment Processes to Recover Resources

15 October 2021 by CSG

IBC Awaiting Treatment

Gone are the days when waste was just something you put in the bin to not think about again.

Following a change in perceptions, we now increasingly see waste as a resource. This transformation has raised the profile of how important the waste industry is.

In recent years there has been more public interest in recycling materials. This has led to technological breakthroughs to increase recycling capacity. Additionally, there are more investments in facilities, machinery, and infrastructure to meet demand.

CSG’s goal is to recycle as much of the collected waste as possible.

We offer recycling for a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, and paper.

Unfortunately, there are still many waste streams that are difficult to recycle. To avoid disposal routes, we look at options for recovering the materials instead.

CSG’s skilled chemists and technicians have developed unique and innovative treatment solutions. Today we treat many waste streams that previously have been difficult to process. From our treatment processes, we are able to recover resources from a wide range of domestic and industrial waste streams.

By turning waste into resources we can minimise the volume of waste going to landfills and Waste to Energy facilities. This ensures our own environmental impact -and that of our customers – is as small as possible.

Examples of CSG innovation in practice include:

Precious metals

Our award-winning process was a UK first for the recovery of nickel from electroless solutions, from the nickel plating and aerospace industries.

CSG also offer a process for

  • extracting silver from used photographic fixer and x-ray solutions.
  • recovering copper and aluminium from aqueous waste streams.

Our processes allow these precious resources to be recovered and reused.

Hazardous laundry

Oily rags, wipes and spill mats were previously sent to hazardous landfill sites. This practice is now outlawed by current Environment Agency guidelines.

Our unique process allows for safe collection and transport of the fabrics. At our facilities, we carefully clean the rags and recover the waste oil for further processing. The cleaned rags can be used again.

Sewage treatment

Our national network of tankers collects sewage from domestic and commercial customers. CSG separates and processes the waste at our treatment plants and the water is returned to the drainage network. The remaining solids are processed into fertiliser for use in agriculture.

Waste oils

CSG collect waste oils and oily water used in different manufacturing processes. Our treatment separates oil from contaminants and water so that the oil can be fully recovered.

Water Reactive Drums

Each year we separate water reactive compounds from metal drums. Our innovative treatment process neutralises the drums. Without the neutralisation process, the 260tonnes of metal would have gone to incineration but is now recycled each year.

Water reactive compound drums ready for treatment in a specially designed black box
Drums containing water reactive compounds, ready for treatment in our specially designed black box.

Join us in our journey towards a circular economy.

Our experienced team is happy to review your organisation’s various waste streams. Together we can identify innovative treatment solutions for your waste. Ultimately, our goal is to help you maximise the recovery and recycling of resources.