The Total Answer To Waste Management Burden

03 August 2017 by CSG

The man who said there were only two certainties in life – death and taxes – got it wrong. He forgot waste. It’s an inevitability of pretty well all human activity from domestic to commercial, industrial to agricultural, on the sea and even in space.

There’s just no escaping it – or the cost of dealing with it. This year’s latest rise in the Landfill Tax means that it now costs £86.10 to dispose of one tonne of waste in one of the UK’s burdened landfill sites.

Annual tax hikes, and other Government efforts to boost industrial recycling and materials reuse – including a raft of new regulations – have been designed to persuade companies to tighten up the way they manage their waste.

Waste creation remains one of industry’s top environmental impacts, and the pressure is on to handle industrial by-products more sustainably than in the past.

Historically, waste collection, storage and disposal was a relatively simple business and fairly low down on a facilities manager’s priorities. You could probably say it was regarded as a bit of a nuisance; an unwelcome intrusion.

Remember what it was like? The company skips or yard area would be filled up with a hotch-potch mixture of wastes and a designated waste haulier would turn up and take it away. What happened to it then was of little importance.

It was gone and that’s all that mattered.  Its potential for pollution and its value as an often reusable resource was seldom considered.

These days, businesses assess their waste according to the official ‘Waste Hierarchy’ – a set of options for managing waste in terms of what is best for the environment (with disposal right at the bottom) –

  • Prevention
  • Re-use
  • Recycling
  • Recovery
  • Disposal

Because of this, CSG is constantly presented with new waste treatment challenges, inspiring us to develop innovative technologies designed to boost their customers’ recycling and resource recovery rates, diverting waste from landfill rather than concentrating on disposal as a first option.

Whilst pioneering innovative treatment and recovery solutions, CSG seeks to act as a ‘green partner’ to its customers by providing them with a customised programme of waste management measures designed to minimize adverse environmental impact.

These are called Total Waste Management (TWM) programmes, and more and more companies are taking this corporately responsible route in order to increase sustainability and reduce costs. That word partnership is the key, here.

Together with its commitment to real sustainable waste management in which recycling and reuse are our primary goals, CSG has made partnership in a Total Waste Management programme the cornerstone of its offer to customers.

So how does a TWM programme work, and what are the benefits?

Naturally, all waste streams are removed from a customer’s site for legal disposal, or preferably treatment, in compliance with the regulations. CSG values even the most hazardous waste as a potential resource, and the amount of reusable components recovered is one of the company’s key performance indicators.

As one of the UK’s oldest waste management companies, CSG have the knowledge to identify a huge range of recyclables – some of them not obvious on first sight! By expertly auditing a customers’ waste, and providing the technology to deal with it, CSG can ensure that any customer in a total waste partnership can expect to see a marked increase in the amount of its waste being recycled.

CSG handles a huge range of waste streams at its processing plants and have invested tens of millions of pounds in new plant, machinery and processes specifically designed to maximise the recovery and recycling rates of a number of particularly problematic wastes.

Many of these developments have been in response to a customer’s individual requirements. In other words, waste partners can rely on creative bespoke solutions to particular problems when a standard disposal route isn’t appropriate.

A coordinated waste management programme requires routine management and daily oversight, especially in the case of major waste producers. As part of its Waste Partnership offer, CSG can provide constant technical support in which an expert representative is based on the customer’s site to advise on all waste management matters.

The other good news is that while facilities managers will probably never view waste management as the most exciting of their many duties, CSG’s expertly-managed TWM can drastically reduce the increasing time and effort they’re required to put into managing this now complex function.

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