CSG has been collecting, treating, and recycling sewage sludge since 1934 from hundreds of domestic and industrial customers. 

Initially sludges were treated by screening and settlement or merely transported to a local sewage treatment works. However, over the past 20 years the decanter centrifuge systems have played an increasingly important role and is commonly used at municipal wastewater and drinking water facilities, food and beverage plants, oil refineries, constructions sites, contract dewatering and thickening, and lagoon management and dredging.

CSG own and operate several centrifuges at our own treatment plants and possess a fleet of mobile centrifuge and dewatering systems that are available for short- or long-term hire, and our experienced and trained operating personnel are available to operate the units when required.

These systems have a wide range of capacities to assist you.

  • Short term hire for when existing equipment is undergoing maintenance or has broken down.
  • As part of a dredging operation when the dredged material needs to be dewatered.
  • As extra dewatering capacity in times of high sludge production.
  • Long term hire as an alternative to Capex.

Whatever the specific needs you have our experienced and trained team of operators will provide a solution tailored to your requirements. Our mobile dewatering units have been designed to be installed effortlessly and promptly to reduce disruption at your site. We also offer a portable pilot facility, which is used to quantify centrifuge performance on new applications.

Our operators undergo extensive centrifuge and dewatering training each year and are available to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days per week. If you have any questions regarding mobile centrifuge hire or dewatering systems call our experts today at 07714 457077