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Making your waste work

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop unique and innovative waste treatment solutions; our skilled chemists and technicians work together to develop new technology which answers difficult waste treatment problems. In doing so we ensure that waste taken into our facilities is handled in accordance with the waste hierarchy, ensuring that our own environmental impact and that of our clients, who trust us to handle their waste, is as minimal as possible.

Recovery of Precious Metals

Recovering precious metals from aqueous wastes including Nickel, Copper, Silver and Aluminium.

This award winning process is a UK first for the recovery of Nickel from spent electroless solutions which contain high levels of organics and salts and are notoriously difficult to recover by electrolysis alone. These waste streams are traditionally produced by the nickel plating and aerospace industries.

This process is achieved by a complex method of ion exchange and electrowinning technology and consistently provides high extraction rates of 99.6%.

We currently extract silver for recovery from used photographic fixer and x-ray solutions and have the expertise to cater for many other industrial aqueous waste streams including copper and aluminium solutions to name just a few.

Recovery of these metals leads to recycling and reuse, therefore creating a more sustainable solution.

Stabilisation and Fixation Treatment

For some problematic waste streams stabilisation and fixation presents the best disposal option.

Our highly developed processes enable waste to be blended together in a homogenous mix which meet waste acceptance criteria guidelines for landfill disposal. The treatment is far more advanced than traditional solidification methods as the science has been developed to “fix” the waste so that it’s chemically bonded and therefore minimises the effect on landfill leachate liquids.

The process is fully enclosed and automated ensuring any emissions are contained within the facility. This state of the art treatment facility accepts liquids, sludges and solid wastes in drums, IBCs or packages or bags.