The Train to Greater Competence is Now Arriving

03 May 2018 by Daryl Tunningley

CSG have been working in field of waste removal for over 80 years but even that proud figure is dwarfed when you compare it to the hundreds of years of combined personal experience of all the people who make up our team. The greater the level of regulation and expectation imposed upon our industry, the more valuable this expertise has become. Almost without realising it, we’ve amassed a huge knowledge base that consistently adds extra value to our operation. Now, for the first time, we’re going to make it commercially available in the form of operator training.

Darren Bennett and his team are our Service and Performance Auditors and between them, have decades of time served in the field, encompassing all aspects of day-to-day experience, from HGV driving to spill handling and a variety of Health & Safety considerations. Not only are they CSG’s in-house driver training team, they are also our own internal auditors, checking out the processes a driver follows on a given day.

CSG Service and Performance Auditors Darren Bennett and Chris Hanrahan

Much of what the CSG fleet achieves is as a result of the patient training and diligent attention to detail that Darren, Les Denham and Chris Hanrahan are able to provide. For a reasonable rate, all that expertise can now be made available to anyone who wishes their team to have it.

As you’d expect, the very process of training others has itself been something that we’ve trained at – it sort of defeats the whole argument for training to suggest we’ve suddenly become able to do this competently, overnight. For many years, we’ve offered a range of bespoke training sessions both internally as part of our wider service to our clients. Now, we believe this capability is something we can offer to new or existing clients as a stand-alone service.

Darren has frequently noticed the the value of extra training benefits all concerned – not just with those people being trained:

“Through offering training to our clients over the years, we’ve often found that greater understanding, not just of the people we train, but of the others in the organisation who they share that knowledge with, can lead to a closer working relationship and the opportunity to work more beneficially with each other”

If you’re interested in harnessing the expansive knowledge and clear delivery offered by Darren and his team, please contact us at or call us on 0800 048 0622.