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Recycling services

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. It is an alternative to ‘conventional’ waste disposal that can save useful or valuable materials and help lower greenhouse gas emissions. We work with our customers to divert as much material away from landfill as possible and to maximise the value of the materials collected, whilst understanding individual client’s resource limits.

We recycle thousands of tonnes of waste materials every year from a diverse range of industries and sectors. We work closely with many clients and help to increase their internal recycling rates through waste minimisation techniques and processes that generally lead to more sustainable waste management practices and techniques.

A full range of materials recycled

We can provide solutions that enable our customers to recycle pretty much everything – cans, cardboard, batteries, glass, paper, plastics, used oil, oily rags, metal, toners, food waste and electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE).

We can provide the following equipment to our customers:

  • Internal recycling containers
  • Bulk bags and bin liners
  • Euro bins
  • Front end loaders (FELs)
  • Ro-ros (enclosed, open top, sealed or lockable )
  • Compactors / Compactor containers
  • Portapackers
  • Balers (vertical or horizontal)
  • Chipping or briquette machinery

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