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Transformer oil collection and recycling

We offer a complete transformer oil collection and recycling service to organisations nationwide, where we can collect transformer oil directly from the transformer units on your site. We can also collect the oil when it’s contained within drums or IBCs. Our experienced operatives are accredited to work on high-risk power generation and rail sites.

In the past, transformer oil was often contaminated with PCBs, which are toxic to the environment. To determine the level and type of other more common contaminants such as silicon and water, we arrange for the analysis of all transformer oils to take place in a UKAS accredited laboratory. Transformer oils without PCB contamination are processed and treated at our licensed facility, and then recycled. If PCB contamination is above 50ppm, the oil cannot be recycled and we arrange for it to be incinerated instead, providing our clients with a certificate of destruction.

In addition to transformer oil recycling and transformer oil analysis we offer transformer unit and capacitor disposal, as part of a total decommissioning service.

Turbine oils

Over time, turbine oil can become contaminated by water, reducing its lubricating efficiency. We offer a complete turbine oil collection and recycling service to companies nationally, where we collect turbine oil directly from equipment on our clients’ sites.

Our chemists will analyse a sample of your used turbine oil in our laboratory. Subject to the quality and volume of your oil and the geographical location of your site we can either ‘polish’ it on your site using our specialised fuel polishing rig, or we can transport it to our facility where we can polish it and return it back to you.

Alternatively, the used turbine oil can be transported to one of our state-of-the art oil treatment facilities for recycling and ultimately re-use. Whilst the turbine is offline and awaiting new or recycled oil, our confined space cleaning team can access, jet and clean the turbine to remove any sludge that has built up over time to further increase the efficiency of the turbine.

We offer the following services:

  • Transformer oil PCB analysis
  • Transformer oil collection
  • High PCB contaminated transformer oil disposal
  • Flushing of PCB contaminated transformers
  • Transformer decommissioning and capacitor disposal

Arrange a Free Waste Audit Today

The benefits of arranging a waste audit are:

  • Waste disposal cost reduction
  • Identify rebate opportunities generating additional revenue from waste
  • Increase recycling by sending less waste to landfill
  • Draw attention to non-compliance and areas of improvement
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