Sweetness and Weight

14 June 2017 by CSG

If you’ve ever visited CSG’s Cadishead depot, you will probably have met Phil Jones. Phil is stationed in the weighbridge at the entrance to the site and administers all the visitor passes to our admin team there, as well as ensuring all the lorry traffic is checked in and out correctly. Unfailingly courteous, he’s also rather popular with those in the know – and for a very good reason.

Over the last eleven years, Phil has added to his gate-keeping duties the role of tuck shop operator, with all proceeds being given to charity. Since then, his services to hungry drivers have raised around £3,000 for various charities including the British Heart Foundation!

Phil was inspired to get involved by a friend at a nearby modelling fair (that’s models of vehicles and trains, not the form of modelling that immediately springs to mind) who ran a tuck shop from his stand there for a children’s heart charity. A former colleague suggested they do the same thing at work and the idea stuck. Eleven years later, numerous certificates and messages of gratitude from the BHF adorn his wall. His certificate for raising £650 in 2016 has just arrived.

As we talk, a truck stops and an order is placed: “Kit-Kat, Double Decker, please” and he disappears to the adjoining office to collect the order. You can imagine many drivers will be thinking of Phil’s confectionery offering whenever they find their day involves a drive to CSG Cadishead – and who can blame them?

If you’re ever due to pay us a visit at our Cadishead site, don’t forget to see what Phil has to offer. Your dentist may not thank you but Phil and the British Heart Foundation certainly will!