Building the Future – National Apprenticeship Week 2022

07 February 2022 by CSG

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to begin a career without a degree. While degrees are an important part of a skilled workforce, they might not be suitable for everyone. Apprenticeships offer an alternative route for the many individuals who want to learn while working.

CSG will join the 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships, between the 7th and 13th of February 2022. National Apprenticeships Week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of apprenticeships for both individuals and businesses.

CSG’s Managing Director Neil Richards started his career as an apprentice in the 1970s. He has throughout the years managing the company cemented the importance of offering apprenticeships at CSG.

At CSG we believe apprenticeships are a valuable and efficient part of building a skilled workforce. We offer a variety of apprenticeships in different areas of the business, from drivers and operators to office staffs.

Neil Richards states “I believe apprenticeships are a great way to give people the opportunity to kick-start their careers, and that there are many advantages to learning whilst on the job.”

Over the years, we have seen several long-term employees start their careers in CSG as an apprentice. Read our interviews with our latest apprentices about their experiences at CSG.

Customer Service Apprentice – Molly

Molly pictured sitting on a sofa in front of a CSG sign.
Customer Service Apprentice Molly, who started her apprenticeship in October 2021

“I started college, but I quickly realised that this was not the right thing for me. I wanted to learn transferable skills and to earn money. So, I started looking at apprenticeships”

“I know Helen, CSG’s National Accounts Manager, through our shared passion for horses. She recommended the Customer Service Apprenticeships in Cadishead, when she heard I was looking for an apprenticeship.”

“I had a look at other apprenticeships too, but the tasks did not seem challenging enough. I wanted to learn and develop new skills and CSG had exactly what I was looking for.”

Since beginning her apprenticeships in October 2021 she has learnt loads of new skills. Especially administration skills, like preparing documents for invoicing, communicating with customers, and quoting prices.

“I’ve also learnt a lot about the waste industry. I had no idea how interesting waste could be. Science wasn’t one of my favourite subjects, but seeing the complex science involved in waste management I have even considered learning more about chemistry.”

“I also feel like I have become more confident and better at communication. I used to be a bit shy, but I think I have been able to come out of my shell.”

Molly’s day-to-day responsibilities include dealing with our subsidiary J&G, setting up the documents so that invoices can be created, answering the phone and queries on emails. At the start of her apprenticeship, she dealt with waste brokers. Now she has started quoting waste for some customers.

“I like the challenge of getting things done and getting it right.”

“Everyone in the businesses has welcomed me with open arms. We have a lot of fun together in the office and I feel like a valuable member of the team.”

Mechanical Electrical Engineer Apprentice – Callum

Mechanical Electrical Engineer Callum Bryant pictured leaning against a CSG van.
Pictured Mechanical Electrical Engineer Callum, who just finished his apprenticeship at CSG.

Callum started his apprenticeship in Mechanical Electrical Engineering over four and a half a years ago. He finished his apprenticeship early 2022, earning a Level 3 NVQ extended diploma at Distinction level. Now he is a Mechanical Electrical Engineer in our Maintenance and Repair department.  

“I’ve always been really interested in how mechanical and electrical parts work. I therefore started looking for engineering apprenticeships. I hadn’t considered working in the waste industry before, but I thought the apprenticeship at CSG sounded very interesting.”

In his role as a Mechanical Electrical Engineer Callum gets to visit an array of industrial, commercial, and domestic customers where the jobs vary in size and complexity.  

“I like the freedom of my job. I get to travel all over the country and can control what I do on a day-to-day basis.

“A big part of my job involves refurbishing pump stations for big companies with large equipment, such as electrical repairs of control panels.  

“I also service sewage treatment plants, interceptors, and forecourts. Sometimes I get lowered into big tanks to do repair works and inspections.

“Being able to get both theoretical knowledge through college and practical skills through CSG has really developed my understanding of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. I feel confident in my abilities as an engineer, and I feel ready to handle most problems that are thrown at me.”

“The CSG team has been fantastic. I have been trained by Callum Healey, who also started his career as an electrical and mechanical maintenance apprentice at CSG.”

“Working together with other engineers has allowed me to develop my transferable skills as well. I’m a better communicator and team-worker thanks to them.”