BEElieving in Going The Extra Mile!

15 July 2013 by CSG

As a well-established and respected organisation within the waste management industry, Cleansing Service Group and its staff are often faced with a variety of challenging and testing situations.

The challenges CSG staff face come in many forms, as proven during a routine sewage clearance for one of our domestic customers. The sewage system was situated close to several bee hives, which the customer had been tending to just moments before our driver’s arrival. Naturally the inhabitants were clearly unhappy at the sight of our advancing driver and truck! Unperturbed by his attackers, our driver simply requested a bee suit from the customer and continued with his duties, clearing the sewage system before hastily retreating from the location.

Delighted by the service received, the customer praised the perseverance and bravery of the driver and still remains a loyal and satisfied customer of CSG.Bees don't put off CSG - SmallCGS undaunted! - Small