Who are they?

The Go-Ahead Group is a leading public transport provider, operating bus and rail services in the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Germany and Norway.

The Group employs about 30,000 people across the world and provides more than 1.2 billion passenger journeys every year. The company aims to provide journeys that enhance the lives and wellbeing of communities across the world and is committed to tackling climate change, improving air quality and reducing social isolation.

The Go-Ahead Group is only one of three FTSE 350 companies to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark, which reflects a commitment to conducting business openly and fairly.

In adherence with its Sustainable Procurement Charter, the company will only work with suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to health and safety, diversity and inclusion and climate action.

What do we do for them?

CSG provides cleaning services across more than 50 Go-Ahead bus depots in the UK, ranging from bus depots in the North East of England to businesses down South in Plymouth.

One of CSG’s primary services is to manage liquid environmental waste. The company provides industrial tankers, which are used to clear sludge and wastewater from Interceptors and Sumps. CSG is then responsible for transporting this waste to a disposal plant in a sustainable, effective manner. Depending on the depot location and size, CSG will provide these services up to three times a month.

CSG has also helped during the launch of all new bus depots. In 2019, the Go-Ahead Group launched services in Manchester under ‘Go North West’. Before bus operations are launched, CSG goes in to conduct a Risk Assessment to ensure all drainpipes are in the right position and that all garage plans are in order and compliant.

The wastewater that CSG removes from the Go Ahead sites almost exclusively arises as a direct consequence of the need to regularly wash transport vehicles, to ensure the vehicles are not only presentable for passengers, but also so that the engineers can see what they are doing when maintaining buses, helping to ensure workforce safety.

CSG also provides emergency containment and clean-up in the event of a fuel/oil/other hazardous material spillage.

How long have we worked with them?

CSG has worked with the Go-Ahead Group for more than 15 years as its industrial drainage waste service provider for all its UK bus depots.

In their own words

Linda Crabtree, Head of Bus Procurement, said: “Our long-standing working relationship with CSG is a testament to the company’s good organisation, innovation and continual support. We have been particularly impressed by CSG’s integrity – they understand our business needs and are good at locating where work is needed, and where changes can be made to improve efficiencies. CSG’s communication is particularly good, and the help centre is always on hand to provide support”

How do our services help?

• Providing integrity and innovation by continually assessing efficiencies in depots and making cost-saving suggestions
• Clear, informative and consistent communication
• Providing a safe pair of hands, with years of industry knowledge
• A professional service that is available across the UK
• Easy, accessible emergency out-of-hours response team