All good in Wayne’s world as he celebrates 30 years

31 May 2023 by CSG

An industrial waste specialist with a passion for reducing landfill is celebrating three decades of service in the recovery sector.

Technical Sales Manager Wayne Sandiland of CSG Recovery, based in Prescot on Merseyside, has been presented with a certificate and a gift voucher to celebrate 30 years of valued work.

Wayne, 47, started his career on a Youth Training Scheme contract with Lokas Limited in 1993. The company was acquired by Remondis UK, which was in turn later purchased by the CSG Group in 2018.

“I’m delighted to be celebrating 30 years of service, albeit under different businesses due to various acquisitions,” said Wayne. “I’m very happy at CSG Recovery and being part of a larger network of companies.

“It’s my job to go out and find waste streams which have a value or can be incinerated to create energy from waste.

“Typically this is paints, oily solids, adhesives, electronic waste and batteries. We’ve also seen a huge increase in hand gels since Covid and we still extract silver from photographic waste, though that has markedly decreased with the rise in digital photography.”

Wayne, who is a keen golfer, said he gets huge satisfaction from diverting materials from landfill.

He said: “It’s been brilliant and I wouldn’t change a thing about my career. Waste recovery is evolving all the time and it’s been fascinating to be a part of it.

“When I started around 60 to 70 per cent of all material was being sent to landfill, but the situation has changed significantly. Continuing to educate people about separating materials and recycling them appropriately is important.”

Father-of-two and grandad-of-one Wayne said he was pleased to be part of a large organisation, which allows him to make use of other services within the Group, including tank cleaning and spill response.

Neil Richards, managing director of CSG, thanked Wayne for his dedication to the business.

“We firmly believe that our continued success is down to our people,” said Neil.

“We have a number of people who have been with the business for a significant amount of time. Their commitment and expertise are invaluable.

“Congratulations to Wayne on 30 years and we hope he enjoys many more with us as we continue to evolve and grow.”