‘Sheet anchor’ Vic retires after 62 years with CSG

20 October 2022 by CSG

Vic Clements has hung up his high-vis and work boots after an incredible 62 years with waste management specialist CSG.

CSG bid farewell to its longest serving member of staff recently after a career which spanned seven decades.

Harold Macmillan was Prime Minister and The Queen hadn’t even reached the end of her first decade of her reign when Vic joined CSG’s Botley-based team in 1960.

He started as a yard man before spending most of his lengthy career as a driver’s mate, visiting customers to assist with their domestic sewage.

Vic returned to the yard later on before calling it a day at the end of August at the age of the 85.

Steve Hicks, HR Director at CSG, said: “Vic has been an incredible stalwart of CSG. He was like a sheet anchor – you visited Botley and he was there.

“We’re proud to have very high retention at CSG with a few people on 30-plus or even 40-plus years of service but, even so, I’m not sure we’ll ever see the like of Vic again.

“He never had a day off sick in 62 years. He was just incredibly consistent and a legend around the Botley site.”

Vic was such a familiar face on the CSG waste disposal rounds that he was regularly invited to family weddings and Christenings.

Steve added: “People tend to get to know their drivers and Vic had a little black book with all of his customers’ particular requirements.

“He was incredibly helpful. That is his approach to life.

“He was issued a red, white and grey CSG company tie about 50 years ago and wore it until his last day!

“He has the most brutal handshake you’ll ever encounter. I think the job has helped to keep him active and healthy.

“He’s a really happy go lucky chap and nothing is too much trouble. Vic has his own workshop and would repair things on site as required, which was a really valuable service.

“We’ll miss Vic at Botley but I’m sure he will be checking in on us.”

A man of simple pleasures, Vic was sent on his way from CSG with his favourite cigarettes and beer.

Vic said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my long time with CSG. It was great to be a part of such a wonderful team and I enjoyed helping to keep the trucks on the road.

“I miss being active and keeping my mind busy. I still often think about what needs to be done on site and wonder how things are going without me.

“I’ll keep in touch and look forward to seeing everyone soon.”