Apprentice Office Administrator


Favourite Quote:      Carpe diem
Name:                        Alexi
Role:                           Apprentice Office Administrator
Years at CSG:            1
Location:                   Sheffield

What do you do?

My role consists of dealing with administrative tasks such as raising invoices and quotes, talking to customers in relation to enquiries; both via email and over the phone. It is also my responsibility to get all the information needed from the client concerning their waste, which will see a smooth transition from where my role ends and the transport team’s role starts – working together in this way is a primitive part of the spirit here at CSG.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Its refreshing, at my age, to get the chance to have responsibilities and be trusted to undertake them independently, but in the same instant feel supported by the people around me.

What is your favourite moment(s) at CSG?

Since I first started at CSG I’ve always had the opportunity to shadow people in different departments, which has helped me gain an informed view on what I can aspire to do here in the future. From going out on jobs with our drivers to experiencing how operations work at our various depots and accompanying salespeople on site visits. I really enjoy putting faces to names and helping to maintaining relationships with our customers.

What do you enjoy about working for CSG?

In most companies their seems to be a divide between people in different positions of power, but not at CSG. Here, I’ve gotten the chance to spend time with board members, drivers, chemists, depot managers and wherever you happen to fall within the chain you feel as though your part of one big family.