Who are they?

Safran Landing Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft landing systems. Their 27-acre Gloucester facility employs around 1,000 people and their technology is used on more than 20,500 aircraft making over 35,000 landings every day.

In 2009, Safran commissioned CSG to examine the way they handled their waste and recommend a new system.

What do we do for them?

We offer a Total Waste Management solution: CSG are responsible for the collection, recycling and disposal of all day-to-day waste generated on the Gloucester site, including over 20 hazardous waste streams.

We provide a dedicated Waste Control Supervisor, based at Safran’s Gloucester site five days a week. This person is a single point of contact who manages waste removal, ensures statutory obligations are met, advises Safran on any issues relating to their waste and looks to reduce both Safran’s cost and percentage of waste sent to landfill. By offering a Total Waste Management solution, we are responsible for managing the removal of all waste produced by the site.

Using our licensed treatment facilities, we are able to reuse or recycle materials from these hazardous waste streams, thus avoiding the need to dispose to landfill:

• Recycling of waste plastic chemical drums into other plastic products.

• Reuse of oils, reuse of metals, reuse of semi-precious and precious metals from IT waste, reuse of mercury from fluorescent lamps, reuse of wooden pallets into fibreboard or animal bedding, reuse of packaging boxes and plastic chemical drums.

What difference have we made to Safran?

• The proportion of waste being sent to landfill has dropped from 88% to 7% of total, with a target of 0%.

• The proportion of hazardous waste being recycled or reused is now 90%.

• The proportion of non-hazardous waste being recycled or reused is now 95%.

• Consistent savings and efficiency gains, across the 8 years of our partnership.