In response to the current COVID-19 situation, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that CSG has taken every precautionary measure to ensure that we can continue offering the same high-quality service, whilst keeping our employees, customers, suppliers and the general public safe.

We are following the guidance and advice issued by the UK Government, Department for Health and Safety (DHS), and Public Health England (PHE).

We are kindly asking for your help to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and for your understanding during these uncertain times.

General Prevention Measures for all CSG employees:

  • All CSG employees will adopt the principles of thorough hand washing at all times.
  • All CSG employees should make use of the anti-bac gels where available.
  • All CSG employees will avoid handshakes, hugs or other greeting signals. We apologise but this is due to the current situation.
  • All CSG employees will practice good cough and sneeze etiquette; Use a tissue to cover the nose and mouth, dispose of the used tissue and thoroughly wash hands.
  • PHE recommends avoiding direct or close contact (closer than 2 metres)

Below we have outlined a procedure which lets the CSG operative maintain minimal contact with your employees and we kindly request your employees follow the same procedure.

Curtainsider Package Waste Collection:

The CSG operative will arrive at your site and sign in as normal keeping a distance of 2 metres from your employees. The operative will follow all Health & Safety requirements and your COVID-19 procedures, as well as the ‘RPS-C8’ guidance set out by the Environment Agency in relation to social distancing when signing and handing over waste transfer and consignment notes in person.

  • The CSG operative will position the vehicle and open the curtains keeping a distance of 2 metres from any of your employees
  • If there is any waiting time /demurrage at your site our driver will wait in the vehicle cab.
  • The CSG operative will sit in the vehicle cab while your forklift truck driver loads the vehicle.
  • We ask that the forklift truck driver signal to the CSG operative once the loading is complete and leave any paperwork on the vehicle bed for our operative.
  • The CSG operative will inspect the load against the paperwork, check the load is safe for transport and use straps where applicable.
  • The CSG operative will sign the paperwork ‘CV’ on behalf of the consignee and leave your copy of the paperwork in an appropriate place.
  • As our operative is a visitor at your sites, under H&S requirements, we kindly ask that they will be given access to basic welfare facilities including toilets and hand washing.
  • The CSG operative will obtain the name, date of birth and contact number of the responsible person at the collection site and note this on the paperwork.
  • Your copy of the paperwork can either be left at your site in a designated safe place or if this is not possible it can be posted or scanned and emailed to you within 10 calendar days after the collection has taken place.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact or call 0800 011 6600

Despite the situation, our goal is to remain fully operational and offer uninterrupted service to our customers. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time.