Waste Managers Increase North East Investment

14 August 2015 by Daryl Tunningley

Cleansing Service Group’s (CSG) oil and water treatment plant at Middlesbrough is to undergo a major upgrade in processing facilities to cater for the growing level of business the company is experiencing in the area.

A total of £750,000 is scheduled to be spent on a new soluble oil treatment and oily sludge centrifuge, together with the installation of a tank farm consisting of ten storage and processing tanks. A tanker washout facility and solids tipping bay are also included. This is in addition to the £150,000 invested last year to increase capacity and efficiency of treatment.

The 2.2 acre Middlesbrough site offers a wide range of waste treatment and recycling services including oil and water treatment, chemical analysis and a washing plant for contaminated industrial rags.

Fareham-based CSG says it has successfully applied for a variation to the site’s existing PPC permit, and planning permission for the new tank farm had been approved. The company hopes to start operations early next year.

The company says the new investment, in addition to allowing a substantial increase in throughput, will result in a cleaner effluent. The oil recovered will also be of a much higher quality and the volume of sludge going to landfill will be reduced. The new storage facilities will also ensure a quicker turnaround time for tankers delivering to the site.

CSG operates oil recovery centres at a number of its UK depots with the oily water waste delivered to site by the company’s fleet of specialist tankers following the emptying of tanks, drainage systems and interceptors at commercial and industrial facilities.

Picture shows the Middlesbrough treatment plant