Online Competition For CSG Chemist

29 February 2016 by Peter Chiodo

A CSG expert will take a leading role in this year’s ‘I’m a scientist, get me out of here’ – an online event that enables students from UK schools to meet and interact with scientists. It will take place from March 7-18.

It’s an X-Factor style competition between scientists in which the students are the judges and challenge the scientists by asking questions during fast-paced, online, chat sessions. Students vote for their favourite scientist, who will win £500 to use communicating the specialist work they carry out to a wider public audience.

All the scientists taking part are expert in their field and there are seven zones for the students to choose from, including toxicology – the study of the potentially harmful effect of chemicals. CSG chemist Dr Stuart Atkinson will be one of the scientists answering toxicology based questions.

Dr Atkinson is a member of CSG’s specialist chemistry team working within two company laboratories researching waste treatment technologies. He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry which is funding the toxicology zone.
He said: “It’s important that we spend time communicating what we do to the scientists of the future in a fun and engaging way, as well as showing the public how we help to make our environment a safer place.”

The first ‘I’m a scientist…’  took place in 2008 and to date over 15,000 students have taken part in the event, the main funder for which is the Wellcome Trust.To read more about Stuart and this fantastic competition, click here.