Oil Recovery Success For CSG

05 June 2014 by CSG

After a year in full operation, waste managers Cleansing Service Group (CSG) have evaluated the savings made following a £200,000 upgrade of the emulsified oil treatment processing facility at its Coventry treatment plant.

The upgrade was designed to provide environmental benefits by reducing the amount of fuel used and heat wasted during the recovery process, as well as producing better grade oil which is more useable as a fuel.

Plant managers have reported that over 240 tonnes of CO2 has been saved as well as 1,000 cubic metres of mains water, made possible by eliminating the need to use steam to heat water during the process of recovery.

CSG has six oil treatment plants – all ISO 14001 accredited – processing thousands of tonnes of oily wastes each year delivered by the company’s fleet of specialised tankers following the emptying of interceptors, tanks and drainage systems at commercial and industrial facilities.

CSG, which is one of the UK waste industry’s fastest growing companies, operate a nationwide network of specialist treatment facilities for solid and liquid wastes as well as what is believed to be the UK’s largest hazardous waste treatment and recovery facility at Cadishead, Manchester.