Oil Recovery Investment in the Pipeline

07 June 2013 by Daryl Tunningley

Work is nearing completion on a major upgrade at Cleansing Service Group’s oil and water treatment plant at Middlesbrough.

Fareham-based waste managers CSG took over the plant when it acquired the assets of Harpers Environmental Services last year.

The 2.2 acre Middlesbrough site has a PPC permit for waste treatment and transfer, with processing facilities providing a range of treatment and recycling services including chemical analysis, biological treatment, bulking and blending, and oil and water separation.

CSG, which operates oil recovery centres at a number of its UK depots, has invested £150,000 in a major upgrade at Middlesbrough in order to increase capacity and efficiency of treatment.

Extensive re-piping of storage tanks will allow sludge, water and oil to be recovered and transferred into separate tanks for further settlement and recovery.

The company says this will result in a cleaner effluent and ‘purer’ recovered oil collected in greater quantities. The upgrade will also mean quicker turnaround times for tankers on site and a cut in the volume of sludge destined for landfill.

Much of the oily water waste is delivered to the site by the company’s fleet of specialist tankers following the emptying of interceptors, tanks and drainage systems at commercial and industrial facilities such as engineering plants and garage forecourts.