New tanker to ease South West septic tank woes

24 October 2023 by CSG

A leading waste management company has invested in a new tanker to help ease the septic tank emptying problems in Cornwall and Devon.

CSG has added a 1,000 gallon tanker to its fleet to assist desperate households with septic tanks in the South West.

There are thousands of homes not connected to the sewer network across the two counties – but there is a severe lack of disposal facilities in the area.

The problem was exacerbated by the recent closure of two sewage disposal sites in the area which were found to be operating illegally.

Meanwhile, South West Water temporarily closed some of its waste treatment sites earlier this year due to a rise in demand because of rain filling tanks.

Some septic tank owners have reported severe delays in sewage collection as a consequence of the disruption.

CSG’s new tanker will give septic tank owners a fresh option.

Steve Hicks, CSG’s Operations Director said: “The closure of the two sewage disposal sites has had a knock-on effect and some people with septic tanks have really struggled to find a reliable service provider.

“For some people, it’s got to the stage where they are worried about using their washing machines or toilets for fear of their tank overflowing.

“We’re delighted to be helping the situation with this investment in a new 1,000 gallon tanker. It is deliberately smaller than most of our tankers – many of which have double the capacity – so that it is more manoeuvrable and appropriate for the often small and winding roads of Cornwall and Devon.

“It means we will be able to access some of the hard-to-reach addresses that other operators struggle with and by engaging with a reputable company like CSG, customers can be assured of best-in-class service with a organisation that is fully compliant and renowned for its ethical disposal.

“We feel this investment demonstrates our commitment to providing a safe, reliable and compliant off-mains waste service for the people of Cornwall and Devon.”

CSG operates the largest independent fleet of specialist waste management vehicles in the UK, providing domestic and industrial waste collection, recovery and processing services from 27 sites nationwide.

More than 100 of CSG’s fleet are specialist waste road tankers, reflecting the company’s long historical links with the liquid waste sector.

A team of experienced, professional drivers are trained to empty sewage tanks with minimal disruption to customers and the waste safely transported to a licensed treatment facility where it is processed to the highest environmental standards.