New tanker for Teesside

12 August 2022 by CSG

A Teesside company’s investment in a new £85,000 2,000 gallon tanker means householders in the region with off-grid drainage can now be supported by the local business.

Waste management specialist CSG added the tanker to a fleet of 12 vehicles based at its Bolckow Industrial Estate depot as part of an ongoing programme of expansion in the Northeast which saw the company deliver £1 million of profit last year.

Regional business manager Craig Dufferwiel said: “We already had an excellent specialist waste collection fleet, capable of handling a wide variety of industrial waste streams, but didn’t previously have a vehicle suitable to service domestic customers.

“The new DAF tanker is smaller than our other vehicles and offers the manoeuvrability needed to safely access households that need septic tank emptying. Built-in jetting equipment allows our driver operators to deliver a comprehensive tank maintenance service for domestic septic tanks, cesspits and sewage treatment plants.

“The addition of this tanker is part of an ongoing £3.Smillion investment in our Middlesbrough operations to ensure we have the vehicles and infrastructure to support local customers, whether they be huge industrial businesses or individual householders.”

CSG specialises in household, commercial and industrial waste services, with the Middlesbrough depot dealing with waste such as sewage, vessel bilge water and engine sludge, industrial effluent, landfill leachate, forecourt service waste, emulsions and engineering waste.

A team of experienced, professional drivers are trained to empty sewage tanks with minimal disruption to customers, and the waste safely transported to one of CSG’s licensed treatment facilities where it is processed to the highest environmental standards.

Craig added: “As part of a national network of waste treatment facilities, CSG are uniquely placed to respond to the changing economic environment of Teesside, with the capacity and capability to collect, process, recover and recycle a huge range of waste streams.

“This expertise and flexibility, enabling us to offer an agile and responsive service to customers, is securing skilled jobs for the region and ensuring the business is poised to support new industries in Teesside.

“We are very proud to support growth and employment in the North East, and our ongoing investment in both the physical infrastructure in Teesside and in the recruitment, training and development of local people underlines our long-term commitment to the region.”

CSG operates the largest independent fleet of specialist waste management vehicles in the UK, providing domestic and industrial waste collection, recovery and processing services from 27 sites.

The privately-owned company employs more than 500 people nationally, supporting a national network of waste treatment and recovery centres. For more information, visit: