Innovation in Waste

22 June 2021 by CSG

CSG Recovery Manager Greg Smith pictured with red UN Accredited aerosols

A North West waste management company has developed safe collection boxes for used aerosols, enabling more raw materials to be recycled.

CSG Recovery, who offer a collection service from their Blackburn depot, specialise in the processing and recovery of complex or hazardous waste, reducing the amount sent to landfill.

Greg Smith, technical and operations manager, said: “Over the last few years there has been a steady rise in the use of aerosols, especially in the construction industry where aerosol adhesives are being used in place of traditional fixings. But that growth means an increase in spray can and propellant gas waste, which need careful and safe handling.

“Our innovation team has developed a new style collection bin which meets all ADR transport legislation, enabling us to offer additional capacity in this specialist field.”

The bins have been accredited by the United Nations for use in shipping, allowing CSG to support wider recycling and reprocessing of precious resources.

Greg Smith added: “The scale of our facilities and our unique range of specialist chemical and physical waste processing operations enable us to accept waste streams that would be difficult for other companies to handle.

“This makes us a trusted partner for many industrial customers, who know we can be relied upon to collect, transport and process hazardous waste safely.”