CSG’s Mission for the Future

14 July 2017 by CSG

Born over eight decades ago, CSG is now in the forefront of modern waste management developments, pioneering and investing in technological advances to meet customer, regulatory and environment demands.

A specially formed committee of CSG employees, drawn from all parts of the business, has been debating the company’s identity, aspirations and image in the rapidly-changing 21st century waste management industry.

Among the committee’s recommendations, now published in an in-house guide for staff, is a restatement of the company’s ‘core values’ under four key headings –  

Customer service

CSG says that it will maintain a high quality service and work to provide solutions that are both sustainable and productive and offer value for money. “We are always willing to go the extra mile to develop customer relations and remain engaged with our customers’ needs.”


The company’s staff are what enables it to offer high quality services. “We help build people  and teams to work together and take pride in their work.” Opportunities are offered to promote the best in every employee.


As the industry grows, CSG is facing more challenges and are looking for new ways to help protect the environment and, ultimately, the general public. “Finding new processes, investing in research and development and increasing our technological infrastructure relays a pioneering and competitive service.”


Over 80 years of growth and development have allowed CSG to become one of the UK’s largest privately owned waste management companies. Building on “the very best of our valued past” will help develop a continued successful future, says the company.
The company – now known simply as CSG -sums up its ambition in a short mission statement –

“To grow a sustainable, innovative and prosperous business while maintaining a high level of commitment to customers, shareholders, employees and the environment.”