CSG Support for Chemical Festival Fun

03 May 2016 by Daryl Tunningley

For the third year running, CSG will be supporting a national scheme promoting chemistry education.

The company is sponsoring one of the annual Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry at the University of Manchester in June as part of a nationwide event organised by the Salters’ Institute, which plays a major role in promoting chemistry teaching and encourages young people to follow careers in the UK chemical industry.

The Institute also supports the growth of school chemistry clubs who are then invited to take part in the annual festivals – held at universities and colleges across the UK and Ireland from March to June –  in which teams of 11-13 year olds compete against each other in practical chemistry exercises.The Institute says the events give enthusiastic young students an opportunity to spend a day in a university department and to take part in chemistry activities which are fun.

Over the last 16 years, more than 44,000 students have taken part in the festivals which are also supported by chemical and related companies including CSG where chemical analysis of waste streams is a key function in the company’s operations.

As well as sponsoring the Manchester University event, hosted by the School of Chemistry, CSG will be providing hands-on assistance when the company’s representative, Dr Stuart Atkinson, joins the panel of judges choosing the winning teams.

Dr Atkinson, who will be making his third appearance on the panel, is a member of CSG’s specialist chemistry team, researching waste treatment technologies.