CSG Slash Waste Treatment Site Energy Costs

14 January 2014 by CSG

An evaluation of operating costs at Cleansing Service Group’s (CSG) flagship Cadishead hazardous waste processing site is enabling energy savings in excess of £120,000 per annum – equating to nearly 600 tonnes of CO2 – to be achieved.

The Cadishead site, which is believed to be the UK’s largest hazardous waste treatment and recovery facility, has undergone rapid expansion in recent years as the development of new processes, combined with changes to legislation, has brought about a massive increase in workload.

Site manager Jen Cartmell said: “We were aware that as new and different waste processing equipment had been installed its operating costs had not always been considered in a site wide context and it was very likely savings could be made.”

To identify areas of potential energy savings the company instituted a programme of Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AMT).  This quickly showed that major areas where savings approaching £70,000 could be achieved included installing more efficient motors and pumps throughout the site, redesigning centrifuge boiler and steam generator pipework, and improving the proactive maintenance programme. An additional £30,000 could be saved by installing daylight sensors and timers to lighting circuits and a further £20,000 through changes in operating procedures.

“All of the areas identified by the AMT programme have been implemented or are in progress and we are on course to reach the £120,000 per annum reduction in operating costs. This is a major saving which will enable other efficiency improvements to be made as well as giving a boost to our development work on new waste treatment processes.”

Award-winning CSG, which has its headquarters in Fareham, Hampshire, is one of the UK waste industry’s front-runners. The company has developed a number of pioneering waste treatment and recycling processes and operates a nationwide network of specialist treatment facilities for solid and liquid wastes as well as the Cadishead, Manchester, hazardous waste treatment and recovery facility.