CSG receives accreditation for spill capabilities

24 November 2023 by CSG

CSG’s expertise in spill management has been recognised with accreditation from the industry’s leading body.

The waste management specialist is now an approved member of the International Spill Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) as a Spill Responder.

CSG has received accreditation for its experience and proficiency in spills on hardstandings and within drainage systems, as well as its spill consultancy and management services.

ISAS accredited businesses are members of the UK and Ireland Spill Association (UKEireSpill) which have been audited and have demonstrated competence in spill and incident response.

Mike Wilson, Group Business Development Manager at CSG, said: “We are long-standing members of UKEireSpill and it’s very pleasing to now have accreditation in recognition of our expertise in emergency spill situations.

“When a spill occurs, fast action is essential to keep businesses running and to ensure people and environments are safe.

“Our professional teams have vast experience in reacting quickly and effectively to get everything back on track, ensuring minimal disruption.”

The ISAS accreditation scheme was launched to establish industry benchmarks and raise standards.

CSG’s processes were examined and audited in order to achieve the accreditation.

Arriving within the hour, CSG can respond to hazardous oil and chemical spills and non-hazardous spills with its fleet of specialist vehicles. All vehicles carry on-board spill kits, absorbents and specialist equipment to contain and clean up the spill and prevent contamination of the environment.

Mike said it is important that businesses dealing with wastewater, chemicals and oils have a proper spills procedure in place in preparation for the worst.

“Businesses just don’t think it will happen so they fail to prepare for spills,” he said. “I’d estimate only around five per cent of businesses are properly prepared for an incident.

“Spills can be extremely expensive to deal with and they can also harm employees, increase insurance premiums and destroy reputations.”

Mike said well-prepared businesses have spill protocols in place, as well having spill kits on site including absorbents and cones.

Most importantly of all, Mike said, employees need to be adequately trained.

“Well-prepared businesses will train their staff on how to control spills and how to react in a safe and effective manner,” he said. “Panic can often set in when a spill occurs and that can make it worse.”