CSG Increase Site Investigation Capability

25 August 2010 by Daryl Tunningley

A new drilling rig is the latest addition to the extensive range of equipment that enables Hampshire-based Cleansing Service Group (CSG) to offer its customers a ‘one stop shop’ for site investigation and monitoring, as well as any remedial work found to be necessary.

The drilling rig is a Terrier model manufactured by Dando Drilling International. Designed specifically for soil sampling and geotechnical operations, the crawler-mounted rig can access difficult sites with ease.

Hugh Neatherway, CSG’s divisional manager (spills), said the Dando rig was chosen because of its excellent drilling performance combined with good reliability. It is also simple to operate and maintain.

“The rig gives us the facility to respond quickly when soil samples are needed, perhaps following a spill. Its ability to drill to a depth of 10 metres is also ideal when it is necessary to install monitoring wells for longer term site investigation.”

The drill has already been in action installing four ground water monitoring wells on a site in Suffolk and taking soil samples to assess the extent of fuel spillages at sites in Sussex and Surrey.

Hugh Neatherway said: “The rig enables us to offer customers a fast and flexible response when site investigation is required, particularly when it is necessary to determine the extent of a contamination problem. There is a shortage of this type of drilling rig in the UK and we expect the rig to pay for itself a comparatively short period of time.”