CSG Gets Thumbs-Up From Off-Mains Customers

13 January 2015 by CSG

Tens of thousands of UK households, mainly in rural areas, live without the benefit of mains drainage, relying instead on septic tanks and cesspits.

But these are not ‘fit and forget’ alternatives. To keep them working to maximum efficiency they need regular maintenance such as routine emptying, cleaning and repair.

Cleansing Service Group (CSG) has been providing these services since its inception 80 years ago. Indeed, it was the company’s original core activity. 

With unchallenged experience to call on, it is now the UK’s market leader in this field and many  thousands of householders now rely on the company to keep their off-mains drainage systems up to scratch.

Every day, CSG tankers criss-cross the country calling at properties ranging from stately homes to remote rural cottages many miles away from the mains. Sometimes they are called upon to deal with emergency situations. 

Now CSG has been asking its domestic customers how satisfied they are with the way their essential systems are being maintained by the company which promises that customer service is guaranteed.

Over 700 customers responded to an on-line survey asking how they rated the company’s service.

It resulted in a remarkable 9.3 out of 10 satisfaction score, while almost 80 per cent of respondents said they would recommend the company to others.

Customers were also invited to comment on their experience of dealing with the company. One said: “We have been with you for 31 years without problems.”

Many others said the service they received was helpful, polite, discreet, efficient, quick and “top quality” while another said: “ It would be hard to improve your emergency call out service.”