CSG Drivers Go Digital

19 June 2015 by Daryl Tunningley

Waste management specialist Cleansing Service Group is spending a substantial sum equipping its drivers with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) in a bid to improve efficiency and reduce paperwork.

The first phase of the project, encompassing the company’s large fleet of sewage collection tankers, is currently being rolled out and the new electronic method of working has been well received by the drivers.

CSG’s IT Manager Dan Gailer said: “We have been considering using PDAs for some time and their introduction has been made feasible by improvements in the mobile communication networks. We have been very pleasantly surprised by how quickly the drivers have got to grips with the new technology.”

The PDAs are installed with bespoke software to meet the company’s exact requirements. The system substantially reduces administrative overheads by eliminating as much paperwork as possible and improves the overall operational efficiency of the fleet. Another advantage is that customers are able to log into the system to obtain copy tickets and details of the work that has been carried out. The system fully complies with all legislative and Environment Agency requirements.

In operation, once a driver has carried out the daily vehicle checks, the work schedule for that day is downloaded; thereby avoiding the need to visit a depot to collect paperwork and further reducing the carbon footprint. When each job is completed the driver uses the PDA to transmit completed job information, at the same time adding any relevant notes or photographs.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, or other incident, the system guides the driver through recording all necessary information. Also, built-in GPS can tell CSG exactly where the driver is located if assistance is required.

Dan Gailer also stated: “With the first phase going well, over the next few months we will be completing the programme by further developing the system for the company’s industrial waste operations.”