CSG Commit to Carbon Reduction Scheme

17 August 2016 by Peter Chiodo

In common with all waste management companies, CSG relies heavily on road transport to carry out its business operations.

It runs a fleet of some 200 vehicles operating across most of the UK, and acknowledges that this must inevitably lead to unwelcome carbon emissions which contribute to global warming.  But the company is always seeking ways of reducing its carbon footprint – and its impact on the environment – and has demonstrated its commitment by becoming an enthusiastic member of the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS).

The scheme, administered by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), is a voluntary, industry-led initiative designed to record, report and reduce carbon emissions from freight transport.

It currently has over 110 members, representing some 77,000 commercial vehicles.Fuel usage data reported by these companies is aggregated, allowing the FTA to track improvements in carbon emissions and fuel efficiency over time and publicly report the freight transport industry’s contribution towards national carbon reduction targets. 

The FTA says joining the scheme allows a company to demonstrate its green credentials and highlight long term commitment to carbon emission reduction.

CSG assistant group environmental manager Antony Gerken said : “By joining this scheme we are acknowledging that our fleet has an inevitable carbon impact but that we are determined to manage and reduce it and play our part in meeting national reduction targets. 
“This will not happen overnight, but we’re confident that a range of measures we’re putting in place to improve the efficiency of our transport operations will have a positive effect.”

These include the commissioning of large numbers of more fuel efficient vehicles, and the rolling out of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) across the fleet as a way of improving operational efficiency.