CSG Collect Norfolk Households’ Hazardous Waste

04 November 2011 by CSG

Waste management specialist Cleansing Service Group was awarded this year’s contract to collect and dispose of residents’ unwanted hazardous household waste during a series of amnesty events run by Norfolk County Council. The free of charge events took place over six weekends this autumn at six of Norfolk’s 19 household waste recycling centres.

On each weekend two of CSG’s chemists were on hand to check and classify the hazardous wastes which were on the list of those which could be accepted. The wastes covered by the Council’s guidelines were then loaded on to a specialist vehicle and taken to CSG’s hazardous waste treatment and recovery centre at Cadishead, Manchester, for recycling or disposal in compliance with the UK’s strict regulations.

Over the six weekends CSG transported over 11 tonnes – equivalent to the weight of a double-decker bus – of hazardous wastes to Cadishead including paints, solvents, pesticides, fertilisers, household cleaners and fire extinguishers.

CSG’s group business development manager Mike Wilson said: “Our experience is that an amazing concoction of hazardous products can be found in the average garden shed, garage or kitchen cupboard. Many of these including some pesticides and creosote have been banned but are often still to be found lurking at the back of sheds.

“It is illegal not to dispose of hazardous waste responsibly and not to do so may well harm the environment. If in doubt householders should check with their local authority which, like Norfolk County Council, will always advise where to take hazardous wastes for disposal.”

CSG provides a wide range of total waste management services to a customer base including Government departments, local authorities, utility companies, major supermarket groups and forecourt chains. Earlier this year it was named as one of Britain’s most successful private firms after climbing high in the Sunday Times Profit Track Top 100 league table.