Council Survey Praises Waste Managers

11 May 2011 by Daryl Tunningley

A hazardous household waste collection survey carried out by Northumberland County Council gave top marks to the quality of the service provided by waste management contractors Cleansing Service Group (CSG).

The survey, which achieved in excess of a 61% response from households which had used the service, showed that over 93% of customers expressed themselves satisfied with the collection service.

Typical products collected by CSG include paint, car batteries, asbestos and household chemicals such as paint stripper. The waste is transported to CSG Wilton, Middlesbrough, or another of the company’s hazardous treatment and recovery facilities, and recycled, treated and disposed of safely.

Thanking CSG for all the effort put in over the past year, Ian Davison, the Council’s assistant waste contracts officer, said: “This is a tremendous result, particularly taking into account the horrific December weather.”

CSG also provide the council with a collection service for the growing problem of fly-tipped waste such as asbestos and tyres.

Mike Wilson, CSG technical business development manager, said: “Dealing with hazardous waste is a very specialised technical service and we are pleased to be able to assist the council to ensure it is dealt with in the most environmentally way possible.”

One of the UK waste industry’s fastest growing companies, CSG is motivated by the goal of diverting waste from landfill, and preserving valuable raw materials by recovering and recycling as many as possible of the constituent parts of the waste it treats.