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Septic tank and sewage treatment plant maintenance and repair

If you rely on a sewage treatment plant, pump station or septic tank to treat and remove the wastewater produced by your property, you’ll require regular maintenance visits in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines to ensure that everything is working properly and you comply with environmental legislation. By having one of our experienced engineers inspect and service your sewage system and carry out sewage treatment plant maintenance on a regular basis, we’ll be able to highlight common faults, such as poor bacterial growth or an under-performing system. We pride ourselves on preventative maintenance; rectifying potential issues before they occur. By keeping your system working as well as it should, we can help protect premature failure of expensive soakaways. 

You can rely on our expert engineers to make assessments of older treatment plants suitable for conversion . We convert older systems that use submerged pumps to move effluent. Due to the nature of being submerged the pump’s lifespan can be very short. We can retrofit these systems with air blowers housed outside the treatment plant instead, to either aerate the system or move the effluent. This can save you money on the cost of a replacement system and in most cases can help make a large saving on electricity bills too.

Skilled, experienced and dedicated service engineers

Our team of dedicated sewage system engineers deliver a high standard of maintenance solutions to householders nationwide and are experienced in maintaining all types of treatment plant regardless of the wide variety of manufacturers and designs. They are British Water accredited, giving you the peace of mind that work on your sewage system is carried out competently.

After each service we supply a comprehensive report and photographic evidence on the condition of your system, giving you peace of mind and demonstrating our policy of transparency.
We carry out all the British Water recommended tests including turbidity and in the case of activated sludge systems, mixed liquor suspended solids. If the results indicate a biological process failing, we can arrange for a sample to be taken and analysed at an independent laboratory; the results of this can then be used to help identify the possible causes. We are also able to install new sewage treatment plants.

Here are just a few examples of manufacturers whose equipment we work with every day:

  •  Kingspan
  •  Klargester
  •  WPL
  •  KEE Process
  •  Enso

Signs that something is going wrong with your system:

  • Damp soggy patches within your garden that weren’t there before
  • Your tank fills up faster than usual
  • An offensive odour
  • Unusual noises from your system

Need a service or repair?