How Much Sewage Does CSG Shift?

04 March 2015 by CSG


CSG emptying septic tank

When founded by Edgar ‘Bunny’ Hart in 1934, the company’s core business was sewage removal. Over the last 80 years, Cleansing Service Group has perfected that art and now provides its industry renowned sewage collection services to over 45,000 domestic households throughout the UK.

Whilst today, CSG has introduced new and innovative ways to provide solutions for more complex waste streams, the sewage collection service continues to be a central focus – and it’s growing.

What Do the Figures Say?

CSG has 11 sewage facilities nationwide, but how much sewage does CSG actually collect from its esteemed customers?

Recordings from 2014 show that we made 64,000 sewage clearances, collecting over 92million gallons of sewage – that’s a volume of more than 100 Olympic 50 metre swimming pools! (The Telegraph)

This figure is up from the 2013, where we collected approximately 80million gallons of sewage.

A Breakdown of the Stats

Our south-east depot in Aylesford recorded the highest number of sewage clearances in 2014, contributing a staggering 8,362 clearances and more than 15million gallons of sewage to the above total.

The busiest month was July, where we collected over 9 million gallons of sewage.

What’s Next for CSG’s Sewage Collection Service?

As CSG continues to grow so does our sewage coverage area – if you currently reside outside our coverage area, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a CSG sewage tanker near you!