Sales Ledger Team Leader

Head Office

Favourite Quote:       “Live for today because tomorrow may never come“
Name:                          Lyn
Role:                            Sales Ledger Team Leader
Years at CSG:             48
Location:                     Head Office

What do you do?

I oversee my team, making sure all areas are kept up-to-date, including invoicing, sales ledger and also vehicle taxation, helping out where needed. I also look after special customers’ invoicing procedures. When all that is done, I continue the never-ending task of keeping our system data clean and current.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy everything I do during my working day. I have enjoyed nearly every moment at CSG over the years.

What is your favourite moment(s) at CSG?

Lots! My first day at CSG (when I started, I was the office junior), my 21st anniversary, the company’s 80th anniversary – and many more!

What do you enjoy about working for CSG?

The people I work with and also the role I play in CSG. I just enjoy coming to work every day and working with my team.